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Bingo instructions

The bingo rules are easy to learn. Here you will find a small bingo instruction. The normal bingo game is very simple and quick to understand. You buy at the beginning of the game, one or more bingo cards. Then the dealer draws every few seconds a bingo ball. Thus, the player is focused at bingo game. Those who have completed the first and the given grid so that all the numbers have been called, calls BINGO. Then the numbers are checked and the prize is awarded. On the Internet you click on a button once you have bingo. The gains are usually cashes. A bingo card has a 5x5 grid of numbers and 24 fields. As per game can play hundreds of players, each card has different number combinations. The sequence of numbers fits into your grid to designate BINGO. The numbers in the column "B" are numbers between 1 and 15, in the column "I", numbers between 16 and 30, the column "N" takes the values ​​between 31 and 45, wherein the column "G" has the numbers between 46 and 60. The last column is the column "O", this shows the bingo numbers between 61 and 75.

Not every game is the same. You can find different bingo games on bingo sites. Before each round, a different pattern bingo is called, which you must achieve. Then begins the "caller" to draw the numbers. If a bingo number is called which is on your own card, you should mark this number. This continues until a player has reach the bingo pattern and call loud BINGO. Patterns can also be a horizontal line, like a random pattern or the most famous game, coverall. Coverall means "propitiation everything". Thus, each number must be called on the bingo card. We call this game Full House or Full Card or Blackout. The organizers in bingo halls are often very imaginative. They choose many different nice bingo patterns which you must reach.

Most players play more bingo cards simultaneously. Thus they must automatically be faster, because you win only if one also calls the first BINGO or clicks on the computer. You see, the bingo rules are very simple and actually you do not really need a bingo game instruction.

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